The Avinton concept : Refinement and… Beastliness.

Uniting opposites is not an easy task, yet this is the challenge that the Avinton team have tasked themselves with in conquering. In order to remain faithful to the legend, Avinton couldn’t merely be a means of transportation. Its soul is anchored within a paradox… the association of refinement coupled with beast-like power.

Today, our conception of the Avinton is defined like that of a creation which has the ability to harmonize itself within two characteristics in complete opposition. At standstill, every Avinton Muscle-bike is a piece of artwork and object of sublime beauty desired by any onlooker. This then transforms into an authentic object of immense joy as one grasps the handlebars and moves with grace and power through the winding curves of the road. In order to achieve this emblem of perfect juxtaposition, we designed a motorcycle particularly compact, lightweight and agile. This muscle-bike seamlessly associates the fluidity and elegance in design with its beastly-powerful-oversized-motor. All of these efforts were undertaken with the common goal of giving its owner an outrageous riding experience.

Entirely handcrafted, each Avinton meets its maker in a stereotypical peaceful village located in the south of France. Every Avinton is made with only the most noble materials like pieces brought to life from raw blocks of aluminium or others of carbon. Our objective is to create the highest quality bike for the highest quality excellence, this sets us apart to be among the great French creators. Each and every Avinton is customized to better surpass the hopes and dreams of its owner, and thanks to the multitude of incredible options, every Avinton is one of a kind.