How it all began – our pursuit of the perfect bike.

Everything starts with the pleasure of creation. We are not here to sell "a" bike but to create "the" bike that corresponds fully with the wishes of its future owner. Whether it's driving position (our Muscle-based morphology flex into three driver positions which include handlebar height, seat height and positioning of the footrests)... or temperament (the conduct in driving a bit too sporty) our bikes exceed the test of greatness and constantly impress the masses.

Become a force to be reckoned with.

Then comes the pleasure of owning this piece of art. You imagine you are the only owner to behold such a beauty. In this admiration you observe in every detail and every angle in this magnitude of perfection.

Appreciate the care taken in the finish of your bike. Focus now on the materials, whether it's aluminum billet or carbon fiber designed by artisans; then applied for you- so it won't fade in the ages to come.

The future franchise of the engine – nothing can stop us!

These modifications give the owner the wonderful sensation of beholding an object that is truly unique, a bit like the feeling of an art collector as he's admiring his most prized masterpiece. Having an Avinton is not about consuming; it's about acquiring a masterpiece special and unique in design to nourish one’s soul.

In addition, an Avinton gives endless opportunities of enjoyable admiration. Observing all of the details that we give obsessional attention to, it is for that pleasure of riding a masterpiece like ours that is like no other feeling in the world for us. The materials we use and the know-how of our craftsman make having an Avinton similar to having a drink from the fountain of youth. Something like this, of such high quality remains untouched by time.

Anyone who has ridden an Avinton Motorcycle can testify to the joy therein riding one of these exceptional muscle-bikes. Getting to know the bike in full range of its personality is like discovering a new part of oneself. Over time, the owner becomes one with the machine as if it were an extension of their body; it's lightness, maneuverable and well balanced. When you feel the high low end torque of the moto we use as a standard in all Avinton's... you'll know what we mean.

For many, self maintenance is a exciting role in getting to know their bike a bit better. If that's not your style, we have certified dealers internationally that can assist you in your region, or if you prefer- our engineers at the home office are ready and available. But since so many of the Avinton bikers prefer to do it themselves, we've put together training sessions that cover the basic up-keep of the bike. Made available by our technical manager, these sessions allow the owner to take care of their motorcycle themselves while retaining our factory guarantee.

And finally, there is the enjoyment of sharing one's passion with this exceptional muscle-bike, thanks to "Club Avinton". Each Avinton owner is invited to participate in regular gatherings with other owners from all over the world. These events allow participants to meet and share their experiences with their Avinton muscle-bike.