The Avinton Factory: When tradition meets technology.

Avinton is defined by its exceptional muscle bikes. Thanks to the passionate, talented, and knowledgeable craftsmen that bring each one to life. More like an artist’s studio than a factory, our workshop plays a central role in the daily life of the brand Avinton. All of the muscle-bikes are assembled here and only here. Our workshop, affectionately known as the “Nursery” (by our team) is where you’ll find the perfect balance of modernity and tradition. Assembled completely by hand, these bikes are a modern example of excellent craftsmanship that has become increasingly rare over time. Stock is managed by high-tech systems that allow for traceability and quality control unlike any other manufacture in France. With the precision of handcrafting coupled with today’s high end materials, we’re able to give our clients the very best Muscle-bike.