Cédric Klein

President & Founder

Taking into account the current economic situation, especially with the difficulties encountered in the motorcycle world, many must be wondering why we ve established the Avinton concept. Only irrationality led by passion can justify my choice. Ferdinand Porsche so eloquently stated, Passion is the most powerful motor. As far as Im concerned, motorcycles and mechanics seduced me at a very young age, and the flame never dwindled. That passion continued and grew as time went by. After a long period of reflecting on the direction of the motorcycle industry and wanting to take my passion to another level... I and a trusted few created the first Avinton which would later become a line of devilishly sexy motorcycles.

Avinton is the fruit of my philosophy for life and destiny rarely offers opportunities like this one... I could to nothing but seize it. The opportunity I mention presented itself in 2011; I learned that my dream motorcycle, the latest in the French market, was doomed for extinction. Not willing to let my dream wither away, I had to find a solution. Through the acquisition of plans and patents of what would become an extraordinary machine born of my imagination, my childhood dream of the perfect motorcycle inched one step closer in becoming a reality. I wanted to give this masterpiece the place it deserved, and offer something to the market thats never been seen before. In addition to creating a line of motorcycles, I had slightly crazy ideas of creating an entire universe that goes with it. And this universe is something dramatically different from anything that exists at the moment.

For many years I had been dreaming of a different type of system...A philosophy based on true values, much different from our actual way of life in our fast paced society of empty consummation. For me, a motorcycle is much more than just a simple means of transportation that gets you from point A to B... (in record time in our case). For me, the highlight of an Avinton is in the handlebars, not in the minutes saved by its speed. In addition I believe having a motorcycle is a way of life; its a channel of positive energy that allows one to experience incredible sensations, more so by the acceleration and maneuverability rather than just pure speed.

It breaks my heart to see plastic pieces replace those that were once made of metal. The idea of sacrificing quality in hopes of slashing prices takes away the motorcycles natural nobility, as if the object itself is no longer of importance.

I would like to offer a coherent alternative to todays system that pushes us to buy new, and personalize with accessories or quality. By the time todays motorcycle is how you would like it to be, you feel obligated to sell it to avoid loosing too much money as soon as a new version comes out. For me the most beautiful relationship a biker can have with their motorcycle is similar to that of a someone who buys a Jaguar with a loan at 35 years old and is still driving the same car at 80. They know their car better than the back of their hand! When they hear even the tiniest whisper of a noise, they can tell you exactly what the problem is. Some will even get out the old family album dedicated to their beloved friend of the road in order to illustrate all of the memories, good or bad, which they made together over the years.

For me the biker of today is someone that assumes his responsibilities, has the right to fine tuning and can appreciate beautiful objects; like our exceptional motorcycles that merit the admiration of all others that share the road with it. I believe Avinton will bring back the concept of the gentleman rider and even go further in sculpting the idea into a new type of motorcycle culture.

For all of these reasons, Im proud to have created Avinton Motorcycles.